Ryan Gosling Shows More Men are Using Plastic Surgery

Ryan Gosling - Cosmopicks.com
DFree / Shutterstock.com

Ryan Gosling, who is an American actor, is known for both his abilities as an actor and his attractive appearance. In 2011, many Ryan Gosling’s fans were upset to find out Ryan Gosling was not selected the sexist man alive by People magazine. Ryan Gosling’s fans when so far as to actually protest the matter. From Ryan Gosling’s fans actions, it is clear Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly known for his handsome appearance. Ryan Gosling can then be considered manly via his attractive appearance. Thus, some may find it surprising that Ryan Gosling’s handsome appearance was in part helped with plastic surgery.

Despite Ryan Gosling’s plastic surgery is quite subtle, his appearance nonetheless benefited from plastic surgery. From observing photos of Ryan Gosling, plastic surgeon Dr. Youn, Ryan Gosling has stated: “his nose looks pretty darn good from here, and much smaller than the ‘before’ photo.” It is evident then Ryan Gosling has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. However, there is nothing wrong with his use of plastic surgery. Now Ryan Gosling’s nose is more in accordance with his overall facial symmetry.

Ryan Gosling’s indulgence in plastic surgery overall illustrates the increasing number of men turning to plastic surgery to help enhance their appearances. Though there are some who still believe plastic surgery is for women only, it is clear this is by no means the case. More and more men, like Ryan Gosling, are using plastic surgery. Thereby, plastic surgery is also beginning to lose its social stigma. Plastic surgery is then an option for all who wish to look their best.