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Plastic Surgery Reality Show -

A lot of people are excited about a brand new show that features four women who just happen to be married to very popular and successful Los Angeles plastic surgery doctors. The show, which is titled “Plastic Wives,” gives viewers a look into the lives of four women who are able to get various cost-free plastic surgery procedures from their professional husbands. Some of the procedures in particular that these women have had include: breast augmentation, lip plumps and many others. One of the women’s husbands is actually a gynecological plastic surgeon, so there may even be a bit more to add to the list.

This new TLC show is similar to the tone of the other various reality shows that are featured on the network, like Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo, which are wildly popular on TLC. A lot of people will find Plastic Wives very entertaining as it goes into details of many different procedures and also allows viewers to see the before and after of each one. Some people may argue that the women featured on the show may overindulge a bit, because their husbands are offering the procedures free of cost to them, but it allows viewers to get an idea of what the procedures are like and it also allows them to see the before and after results. For some, however, it may raise the question of “how much is too much?”

A lot of people have claimed that a few of the women have undergone too many plastic surgery treatments and may have forgotten what they actually look like naturally. One board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ordon, stated that plastic surgery is a natural procedure and the surgery that is done isn’t dramatically noticeable. There are other people who argue that a lot of people will have plastic surgery done as a status symbol, because it allows them to show off their wealth, but that is only a matter of opinion. Regardless of what the reason is that these women are undergoing so many procedures, it is a comforting fact to know that their husbands are professionally trained surgeons.

The show certainly looks like it will be very entertaining and will also have some great before and after footage of various types of plastic surgery. It seems that TLC may be on to something here.

Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 01:33 | Updated on Friday, January 16, 2015 - 21:19

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